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Fruit Supply

We offer a wide range of fresh fruits including oranges, lemons, mandarins, coconuts, and more. Our fruits are sourced directly from local farmers in Ecuador, ensuring freshness and quality.

Orange Supply
Lemon Supply
Mandarin Supply

Fruit Packaging

In addition to supplying fresh fruits, we also provide packaging services to ensure that the fruits remain fresh during transportation. Our packaging methods are designed to preserve the quality and taste of the fruits.

Custom Fruit Packaging
Bulk Fruit Packaging
Fruit Gift Packaging

Fruit Export

We specialize in exporting fresh fruits to international markets. With our expertise in handling export procedures and our network of reliable partners, we ensure that the fruits reach their destination in optimal condition.

International Fruit Export
Export Documentation
Logistics and Shipping

Fruit Wholesaling

As a wholesaler, we supply fresh fruits to retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. Our wholesale service offers competitive pricing, bulk ordering options, and reliable delivery, making us a trusted partner in the fruit industry.

Wholesale Fruit Supply
Bulk Fruit Orders
Timely Delivery
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